Dried Figs (ত্বীন ফল) - 250gm


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Dried Figs (Teen) Dried Figs is one of the most amazing fruit. Almighty Allah mentioned this fruit in the holy Quran. There have been numerous reports in medical science about its benefits. This fruit can be used in making jam, jelly, chutney, etc. It contains various nutrients including carbohydrates, sugar, fat, protein, thiamine, riboflavin, calcium and iron. Besides nutritional qualities, it has many medicinal properties. Considering consumers demand Khaas Food provides you with the healthy and nutritious Dried Figs imported from Syria. Benefits of Dried Figs * It plays an important role in increasing the strength of the body. * Potassium contained in it helps to control blood pressure. * It also helps to increase natural sugar instead of harmful sugar in the blood in maintaining balance. * It is very useful in preventing cancer. * It is beneficial in increasing vision power. * It helps to reduce excessive body fat. * It plays an important role in removing the deficiency of calcium. * The fibre contained in it helps to prevent constipation and piles problems. * Imported from Syria. * Assurance of most nutritious Dried Figs. * Preserved in a healthy environment. * Packaged for customers with direct supervision.

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